Reunion – Pol McShane

Reunion by Pol McShane – Received this book through @Readershouse. How to classify this book – not because it is not worth but because it is just WOW.
The story starts with a happy and a financially sound family of two brothers that soon turns into a tragedy and man brother at the end of his life wants to turns the tragic site into a kids park so that the place becomes a place of laughter again.
As the park opens , bizarre things start to happen into which are caught four small children. As you are reading you never know when the story turns from a happy to tragic to horror. The twists just jolt you and you are just carried away by the tale. As it says on the cover of the book that it is a ghost story, but still though you want the ghosts to leave the kids alone you feel an empathy for them and cannot hate them as they don’t know what else to do They just want to play. The ending justifies the title as it a reunion not only for one set of people but a reunion in many ways.
The story never loses paces as events go on happening . This is a story that once you pick you do not want to leave it without knowing what happens next.
A must read for everyone not only for those who love ghost stories for also for those who love dramatic and happy endings because this is a ghost story with a difference for this is neither exorcism nor religious and not even a true horror; yes it is scary at times but what it is just read and I at least did not regret reading it .
Thank you Pol McShane for this great book

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