Welcome to Maravilla – R Douglas Clark

Welcome to Maravilla by R douglas Clark turned out to be a surprise read for me. The tiny hamlet of tranquility is threatened with the closure of its post office that is the epicentre of its existence and the only place where all friends and foes forget their personal issues . This town had no legal standing and had been divided into 2 counties as there was no powerful voice to speak for it and hence neglected by both of them. Things get stirred when closure of the only post office is announced and the 5000 odd residents join to fight for it to be made an independent county. And how all these events affect their daily routine makes for a delightful read. Whether they succeed and what all changes affect the town forms the crux of the story.
Each character in this book has different characteristics and adds to the atmosphere and progress of the story. This is not a fast paced thriller but a pleasant delightful read and deserves a seven star. The weak point for me if the story of the outsider Jake that has a great start but an ending that doesn’t fit with overall ambience of the book but still it never makes the plot dull not hinders in any way.
I loved it very much and thanks @Authorshouse and @Readers House for the ARC Copy by marketing team

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