Plum Springs – Dan Lawton

A heartbreaking beautiful novel that I received from the author for a review. This is the story of 3 siblings and their strong bond amidst cruelty and abuse and how the circumstances force them to take difficult decisions to escape the abuse. A tender but harsh story of 2 very young brothers (13 and 9 I think) who would do anything it takes to see that their sensitive younger sister does not face the same fate of abuse that they have endured all their young lives and how everyone around failed them.
All through the story along with younger brother Rusty we wait for the secret door to open to the magical world of their Narnia.
They do find their version of this magical world along with another half sibling that they did not know about till now. This is their story.
The story is not fast paced but still keeps you bound and guessing as to what happens next. Once started it the book is difficult to put down.
Though there are some loose ends of which the most irritating is the enigmatic character of the Sheriff and some other minor flaws which loose their importance before the tender story.
A must read for evryone this great coming of age story

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