The Eleventh Indian – Gautam Marwah

I was recommended this book by my school friend who is now in the navy and I am glad that I took his recommendation.
The Eleventh Indian by Gautam Marwh is a real life thriller, rescue mission that beats any fiction novel The plot and the pace of the book is good though there is a backstory but that doesn’t affect or slow down the pace in any way. There are no overdramatics but a simple and a powerful narrative that tells the story of a merchant nave ship that the pirates attacked and its rescue and also the rescue of 2 crew (an Indian – the 11th Indian and a pakistani) later that were taken away by a fringe group when pirate group had didderences and split up. The ordeal of these 2 crew and their rescue forms the major part of the story.
The book is as good as (though I found it much more) any popular international fiction action novel and nowhere feels this is ya newbie and and not a professional author.
I recommend it as a must read for everyone.46252464._SY475_.jpg

One Reply to “The Eleventh Indian – Gautam Marwah”

  1. As the author, I can only say that your review has really made my day. It is reviews like this that serve not only as an encouragement but also makes one forget the long journey that it took to complete a dream into reality. Thank you so… so much.
    Gautam Marwaha
    Author : The Eleventh Indian


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