Jihadi Bride – Alastair Luft

A thriller that is disturbing and emotional tale that tries to delve into the issue of why youngsters especially teenage girls are joining the false image of Islam that is projected by recruiters of ISIS and terrorists. A story of a girl lured by such recruiters after she faces a traumatic experience in college and her fathers who is a ex army and a special ops soldier races to Syria and then Africa and then back to Canada to save her without any help from his collegues but from some loyal friends
How he races against time to save his daughter forms the story. The story also raises the problem of sexual exploitation at colleges and trauma of the experience drives the victims to desperate measures to seek explanation and peace.
I received this book from @Booksirens for review
Question that remains unanswered is
what happened to the college frat boys because of whom the girls were being traumatised
Were they punished or stopped or were they still continuing their crimes?

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