Father Sweet – J J Martin

Father Sweet is a shocking tale that makes one think and ponder even after you finish it. It deals with disgusting fact of sexual abuse at the hands of the religious heads and priests and so called men of god. Though this tale sensitively deals with issue of sexual abuse of very young boys at the hands of clergy, it is a fact that a few supposed people of God irrespective of their religions have misused their stature and faith of people who follow them to satisfy their perversity.
The book is in two parts where the protagonist though not explicitly but clearly delves how he was enticed, indirectly threatened to undergo the abuse and how this affects his life choices even after 25 years.
The second part deals how he redeems himself and walks on the path of healing by rescuing another little boy from the same priest. There is also a parallel story of his strictly cath;ic parents who believe the church and its priests are God’s representatives and never wrong and his strict and secretive father who works in the government and participates in illtreatment and systematic abuse and elimination of native Indian culture.

A very disturbing tale with a hopeful ending
Thank you @BookTasters and J J Martin for this book

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