Toludine Blue – Evelyne Margaux Keating & Roxanne Shoenfeld

“Forensic Nurse Examiners…the search for evidence
…but science can only solve so much….”

An amazing awesome book that delves into the world of forensic science to not only solves crimes but also bring evidence against the perpetrators. Toludine blue is a dye used in forensics mainly assess the wounds and photograph them clearly for evidence. Though this book is fiction but draws insipirations from true cases especially sexual assault. The authors clearly delve into the behind the curtains world of forensic nurse examiners who play a major role in convicting the accused.
The book is written in a style that beats the any detective novel or a crime fighting book. In fact I would love to see this book made into a tv series.
The is never boring and is gut wrenching and is thought provoking a the amount of evil that lurks in some people but also shows equal compassion in other people. There is a thought proving line which made me think
“It’s nurses, police, firemen, and medics; we are the only ones that run towards danger when everyone else is either ignoring it or running away”
and it is true.
I would recommend this book not only to detective novel fans but also to medical books fans . Yes it is a crime thriller with a difference.
Thanks @BookTasters and the authors for this book.One of the very few books that I read in one sitting

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