Trailer Trash : An 80’s Memoir by Angie Cavallari

Never use the word “Trailer” due to its negative connotations but Mobile Home says Angie Cavallari in her book . This is a memoir of her days in the trailer part in the 80’s in her formative years where her parents were the owners of a trailer park or rather a mobile home park and the mark they left on her. This story is self deprecating, humourous, a little sarcastic, but never judging or insulting the tenants who lived there. In fact the descriptions and life of the tenants are with a tongue in cheek humour though sometimes evicting the tenants turned violent and many a times police were involved as most of them were low income people without families, social rejects, drunkards etc. But the memoir is never judgemental nor the author seeks sympathy but just states facts as they were or as she experienced with her untypical Grandparents, a little harsh mother and father who was temperamental.
It is a fun light read that one can enjoy not the life seeking answers kind of memoir.
Thank you author and @Booktasters for this book41329615._SY475_

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