A Predator and a Psychopath – Jay Kerk

A very dark gripping and hair rising psychological thriller. It is the story of two people . One is Jason accused of incest and killing his wife and daughter , his son missing; now committed to a mental institution with no recollection of the events and in a confused state . The other is Jerry – a psychopath, sociopath , voyeur and a paedophile . How their paths cross is the crux of the story.

The story is good, has lot of mystery. Also the buildup of the mystery and the pace is also good. Never a dull moment . This book is not for everyone only for those who have good digestion and strong hearts.

But still the ending for me was a big letdown with most of the questions unanswered. Maybe there is a sequel.

But those who like dark, mind thrillers it is a good book

Thanks Booksirens and Jay Kerk for this free book to review and leaving this review voluntarily

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