The Fish That Climbed a Tree – Kevin Ansbro

The Fish That Climbed a Tree by Kevin Ansbro- I was drawn to this book by its unusual title and the beautiful cover and I was not disappointed. The book is an unusual after life story and also a beautiful coming of age. After his Priest father and mother were brutally murdered, this is the story of Henry – an unpopular, rather podgy kid and his growing up not only physically but also in maturity and his deserved ending. In fact all the characters in story have a closure. How ? Just read the story. It is worth the time and trouble.
The story not only concludes for Henry but also the people who come and go in his life as well as his dead parents in their afterlife. The story shows how the choices we make not only in life but also after life affect not only us but those around.
The only shortcoming was brutality and violence was more than my taste, Otherwise it is a must read. The best thing is nowhere in description of afterlife it is shown or hinted that paradise in only for a particular religion but says paradise is for all good people and is what one chooses it to be.
Thank you Kevin and @BookTasters for the book

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