Fortunes of Blood by V M Tackett

Fortunes of Blood is an action packed fast paced thriller from start to finish like a Schwarzennegger or a Statham movie. Never a dull moment in the entire story.
The story starts with Thomas Briggs an ex FBI agent now an mercenary for hire, searching for his partner and best friend’s killer and soon the plot thickens gets a job to rescue a kidnapped young girl.
The job which seems straight forward soon becomes dangerous with both authorities and mafia gunning for him as well as to continue n the leads to find his friend’s killers. Along the way he also falls for the rescued girl. He is conflicted as he doesn’t know whom to trust with betrayal and corruption dogging his feet, his race to save his life and the girl’s as well as revenge his friend’s death becomes a hard task
He does it all but how he does it and whether he comes out unscathed makes for a spell binding edge of seat thriller Eagerly waiting for second book as in the end there is a hint for it.
Thank you V M Tackett and @BookTasters for this great book43372544

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