Hit Me by Peter J Thompson

A good thriller for a lazy rainy afternoon. Charley is a loving family man who on the front is a free lance consultant . The twist being though, he is an assassin for hire , who did not choose the profession rather the profession chose him as his father introduced him to this at an early age of 6. He is good , secretive and elusive at his work, the problem arises when he receives his next hit details : himself. Now he has to trace back to find out who has ordered the hit , which is difficult as he never came in direct contact with his employers or clients. He has to race against time to find out the details and uncover secrets long buried to save not only himself but also to keep his family unaware and safe.

The plot is impressive : an assassin hired to kill himself. The pace never falters, not too many characters or twits or situations to confuse. I wanted to finish this non stop. It was such a compelling story and the ending is a surprise. Though the only shortfall for me was the reason for the hit . I expected more. But still it is very much worth the time and effort.

I received this book from @BookSirens to review voluntarily and loved it

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