Heart of a Warrior Angel : From Darkness to Light by Lali A Love

A spiritual but a powerful story is this book by Lali A love I received the ARC from the author through @BookTasters. Once I started reading I could not put it down and finished it in a day reading quiet late into night as the story was riveting and enthralling.
Though I found it a little too much spiritual and still I couldn’t resist giving 5 stars to the story of Lilac who overcomes horrific abuse from her father to the happy forgiving still sometimes traumatised woman. The story starts with Lilac ,in her twilight years, reflecting on her life so far, confronts her suppressed traumatic and abusive past and lays bare her soul and how she comes to terms and finds peace and happiness not only for herself but also for her mother and sisters who travelled the same path. Though in the start horrific abuse is described in detail, how the evil is manifested by generations of abuse and cruelty. But still this is not a story of losing to darkness and evil but enlightening tale of how the circle is broken to find salvation forms the crux
The quotes at the start of chapter, awesome cover all make for a great book.
Thanks Lali for this powerful book

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