The Taking of Peggy Martin – Karen Glista

I was confused to give 2 stars or 5 stars to this book sent to me by the author through @BookTasters then I settled for 3 stars.
5 stars for a fast paced story that starts a murder mystery of the main character Peggy Martin’s husband Danny and then turns to horror, science fiction, bizarre and supernatural in turns. This is an eclectic mix of all the elements but still is worth a read.
The story follows Peggy Martin – a lonely recently widowed nurse who works at a mental asylum and has trouble sleeping having nightmares that sometimes blur the line between reality and dreams. Soon her life unravels when some bizarre things happen at the place she works . How she faces all these situations and unravels the mystery around her husband’s death and also hfigures out who actually are her friends forms the crux of the story.
Though the story was good and fast paced, there were some confusing mixes and blood and gore was too much towards the end and also the entire book was a little too religious for me. But still the story has its own merits as the plot is interesting and gripping.

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