Fisher’s Autism Trilogy – Paul C Nelson

Fisher’s Autism Trilogy by Paul C Nelson is different kind of coming of age YA story that traces the growth of an autistic Fisher from a insecure child to an adult to great potential and powers.
The story is simple and moving though seems slow paced , when you look closely so many things seem to be happening.
The story of Fisher and his other autistic friends and also his childhood rival turned ally Jonah play an important role shaping many events with their super powers that so called normal people cannot see. This story encourages that everyone is special in their own way and no one should bully or demean others for their difference or insecurities. And each person should believe in themselves. Though in some places is a little religious and holy scriptures quoted but loved the fact that does not propagate that only one religion or sect is above others but teaches compatibility and tolerance for the good of everyone.Also teaches the fact that autistic and other special ability people and their caregivers do not need sympathy or pity or also unwanted help but acceptance from so called normal society.
The story also highlights the struggle of the superheroes behind the people who are regarded as the burden of society; these unseen people being the caregivers.
This is one problem that seems unnoticed in our society is that the caregivers also need care both emotional and physical. The story addresses many such issues and also the never ending war between good and back, dark and light and also climate change and environmental and global destruction.
Thank you @Booktasters and Paul for this lovely story

All in all it is good story to read for (and be read to ) kids of all ages from 3 to 90. It would have been more better it it had been less kind of lecturing and religious in some places but still a very good read.

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