Go Ahead You’re Home – Tirzah Libert

Go Ahead, You’re Home by Tirzah Libert is an inspiring autobiographical account of a single mother overcoming obstacles and being successful at home and career.
Though Tirzah was rarely homeless and starving but still she had to face many obstacles in becoming independent especially after being divorced in middle age from a husband who was habituated to drugs. Though her husband, when he has off drugs; was a good man who supported her always and gave her more than she had or wished, his drugs habit created an tense and unsafe atmosphere for her and the kids, where people of all sorts came calling to ask money. This emotional struggle of a wife whether to continue or break off such a relationship which is so good when he takes a break from drugs and the tensions created when he veers off is nicely put forward.

The only thing I did not like was there was like the religious intones of the narrative in the mid chapters, where unconsciously one gets the message that only Christians in this world are moral and good people. I do not say that the author has written such words but subconsciously this message comes across.
The start of the book is good but in the mid, the story seems repetitive and a little drag.

The chapters by Belladona and Froncois were good
Overall it is a nice read.
I got this book through @BookTasters from the author

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