Beast – Krishna Udaysankar

There is sometimes a book which when you read, you do not want the mundane things like the world interrupt you and get irritated when distracted. Beast by Krishna Udaysankar is one such book ; it has Fantasy,folk lore, thriller, Crime, Science, Fiction – all my fav genres in one story. I was fortunate to win this book from the author in a twitter chat conducted by @TSBookClub (The Sunday Book Club).
The entire book since a triple murder takes place to the end is fast paced but not too overwhelming story from start to finish. And each chapter builds the curiosity and what next feeling. There is never a dull moment in the entire story. Though there are many characters , there never is overcrowding or confusion, as each character lends a color,a hand to fill the gaps and lead the story forward. The intermingling of urban legends, mythology and science along with genetics makes an edge of the seat thriller that binds and grips you from the moment go.Anticipating a blockbuster movie from this book soon. Twitter_20190522_172048.jpg

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