SpineChillers – Q L Pearce

This collection of scary stories that are make you pause before going on a lonely path or a starnge supposedly haunted house or simply go out in the dark.
The first story is House on Beech Street , where a couple of teenagers decide to visit a supposedly haunted house before anyone else and what they bring back
The Night Crawler and sea worthy were ok
The 3rd story Hale Hollow woods was again very good with the spooky atmosphere, the dark woods, the lonely house and lights coming on and off
Another good story was Blackout with monsters out to get you in the dark and how they are destroyed
I loved the story Healer very much though not very scary but imagining the way it goes gave me the chills
and prom Date wa another good story where a ghost prank goes wrong
All in it was a good collection without the gore and body parts lying sround. Here fear was created by the atmosphere and the circumstance Loved the book
I received an advance review copy for free from BookSirens, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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