The Brotherhood – Shannon Condon

I read Magdalena #3 Spider’s Web first, reading it made me desperately want to read the prequels. Thank you Shannon Condon and @BookTasters for the book.
The plot is fast but not overwhelming with just enough characters to carry the story forward. I finished this book in 2 sittings, the story was so gripping
Though I haven’t read Magdalena #1, so was little short of backstory but this story about Maggie moving beyond her past loss of her natural parents and sexual assault by her college boyfriend to create a new life with Mateo, then suffering horrible abuse at his hands and how she bravely moves forward and also continues her special ops work while balancing her family life a new husband, baby and work forms the crux of the story. A good thriller with great turns that includes emotional turmoils A must read
Though one advice, read the series in order else you would find wondering about many things and that is why I gave 4 stars other wise the book deserves 5 stars and above (if even a little peek in to the first book was given)

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