The Screaming Skull – Rick Ferguson

The story starts with ongoing preparations of the 65th birthday celebrations of the hero (who is predicted to live till 130 when he will die on the toilet) – an event which will be attended by his best friends and co adventurers and remembers the times with them and thinks “When I finally get them all together,I’m going to kill every last one of them.” With this cryptic remark the story delves into adventure and fantasy . The story moves fast (too fast for me) Fans of fantastical adventures will love it th0ugh, I did not love it so much , Then I am not a very big fan of Game of thrones and haven’t yet finished Lord of the Rings. For me main shortcomings were the novel is too long, moves too fast, has too many characters and incidents and moves too many times back and forth to form a real connection. And of course the ending is a little abrupt owing to the fact that it is Volume 1.

The first time I tried to read, I couldn’t finish it but when I couldn’t stop thinking about it too. Only thing this that reading this requires patience. When I started reading again with great concentration it made an impact on me. I got this book from the author through @booktasters42600666.jpg

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