The Red Grouse Tales – Leslie W P Garland

4 intriguing with a touch of supernatural having religious and moral undertones are told when some friends meet at a pub and each one tells a tale every time they meet. The flow of the stories is good with each story different from the other like the first one “The Little Dog” is about reribution and “The Golden Tup” is about a dark evil force that manifests a place. The White Hart has a bit of golden hope and The Crow is about a politician.
Each story feels connected yet so different and make a good read for fans of short stories, mystery and supernatural.
The only shortcoming I felt was one or 2 stories had a overload of religious sentiments and biblical teachings and quotes which can a little off putting for other readers. Also some descriptions and sentences were too heavy in such a light read that they distract from the story’s flow
Apart from this small issue the book is great read. Thank you Leslie Garland and @Booktasters for the chance to read this book28571709

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