Luck and Loose Ends – Ryan Hodge

Confused between 3 stars or 5 stars for this book
Luck and Loose Ends by Ryan Hodge is a new kind of fiction book where there is no too much descriptive science gadgets or some futuristic travel. Of course it is a adventure and travel story but different kind and it is fresh. The protagonist a professional thief /bandit whatever you call travels to newly discovered new worlds and faces new hitherto unknown dangers to make his fortune and how he comes out a hero and also meets his match a girl – not the typical damsel in distress but a woman thief like himself and equally bold if not more.
The story is fresh and good paced through starting is a little slow. Once both the protagonists meet the story moves at a good pace. I liked the part that there are not too many characters heroic or villians that complicate.
But would have liked a little backstory of the characters and the new world, lack of which creates a ltitle confusion. Also there are many loose ends in the story which are left dangling adding to the confusion.That is why I gave 3 stars, otherwise for a enjoyable story, it deserves 5 stars
Received this book from the author via @BookTasters
Though I rarely read these kind of books, The cover attracted me to this book. It is a beautiful cover
Despite the minor shortcomings I enjoyed the book .

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