Chasing the Blue Sky -Will Lowry

A compelling beautiful story of a lovely dog that is left in a public shelter when his foster family abandons him. He is a courageous and friendly dog who learn from older dogs and helps the new dogs. All through the book the you root for him but Alas the truth is not always sweet. Written from the dog’s point of view it is heart wrenching story. This shows people adopt pets just for a momentary pleasure and then discard them as a unfeeling thing, a thing that has become useless but do not want to see that it is a living breathing life that has feelings and how traumatic it is for them.
This book makes a strong argument for “Adopt, Don’t Shop” I have only three things to say
1 Adopt pets only out of love and not for show or pride or momentary feeling
2 If you do do not abandon them, it is very traumatic for them, unless unavoidable
3 if unavoidable make alternate arrangements because as the author says in the end of the book “Despite the thankless heroic efforts of the devoted staff and volunteers, hundreds and thousands of dogs (not only in Us but all over the world) do not leave the shelter alive ”
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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