Target in the Sun – Lynda Filler

Target in the Sun is the story of older and married Mia and younger Carlos from different backgrounds and circumstances who meet one afternoon and their lives are intertwined since amidst the background of Mexico’s drug war within and with US and Cartels . The story starts with Mia reaching out to Lucia – a FBI agent that Carlos came across as a kid who emphatised with him when no one seemed to care about him for Carlos’ safety when crackdown on Mexican cartels happens and their infighting. The story has a good pace, how Carlos has a chance of making it good when he is adopted by Kathleen and the choices he makes, the lure of the homeland; to be accepted by his family as he was an illegitimate son of his father thus neither accepted by his mother’s or father’s family when his parents are killed by a family member until he joins the family trade of exporting drugs. Whether Mia succeeds in luring away forms the crux of the story.
though the story has a good pace, too many back and forths and descriptions make it a little boring in the middle but still I do not regret reading . It was worth the time .
I go this book as part of Book reriew of @BookTasters from the author

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