Incandescently – Sylvie Parizeau (Review)

Incandescently by Sylvie Parizeau is an extra sweet romantic book that one reads on an extra stressful and bad day. This is the story Liam and Eolie who though have never met before have a powerful connection which is lost and broken with time and try to believe in each other’s existence though the world makes them believe that each one is a figment of other’s imagination until they get connected again; otherwise they have noting to look forward to in their otherwise loveless existence, with Liam surviving an abusive mother and manipulative father and Eolie whose parents though did not hate or illtreat her but weren’t too good to her also.
Thrown into the story are Liam’s circle of friends who are with him all through. How they find each other and how they find happiness is the story. The first half builds the story to a great height but falls short in the second half but not too short.
Though I would loved more character development and more equations between the characters and more character building still it is worth a read
I received this book through @BookTasters from the author

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