Taming Crazy – Alicya Perrault (Review)

Everyone has felt anxiety or needless worry one time or other in varying degrees. This book deals with the paralysing depressive kind anxiety that consumes one so completely that it seems that it seems there is no hope or light. Told in a light humour, Alicya tells this tale of her journey of life living with crippling anxiety, depression and OCD all her life and humoursly tells the ways she tries to overcome this instead of just succumbing and making her and those around her unhappy.
This book is not only for those suffering from any of these but is for everyone . She also tells how first to acknowledge first and then seek help and support not necessarily from experts but from family and friends ; and then have the courage to let go of life long labels worries and anxieties because what is to happen will happen; Why to worry before and maybe it won’t happen For a normal per son this is easy and not noticeable but for a person with anxiety issues along with depression becomes an huge and almost impossible task just imagining the “What if” scenarios. So Alicya tries to help herself overcome and just live life.
I received this book from the author through @BookTasters40510250

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