Life II – Scott Spotson (Review)

I had downloaded this book by mistake but do not regret it.
Life II by Scott Spotson is different from other time travel books as it focuses on the emotional aspect rather than scientific part. The story is good but it is too long
Max travels back in time to undo a tragedy that he caused and that changed his life but is not prepared for the price he has to pay. “What if ” is a question that plagues everyone “What if I had done this / not done this” would the result and lifehave been different.What if one could get second chance to undo the mistakes of past life. And if so what would be the consequences. Would it change the future for better or worse. It is a interesting concept. The story begins well but loses track somewhere between and begins a sort of a repeat and a drag.
Maybe if it would have been shorter it would have been better. Maybe I am not finding it great because I am not a very big fan of science fiction but I would still recommend this book as it has a great plot and potential if you can ignore the length
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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