The Exorcism of Billy Wagner -Francis J Flynn (Review)

I received this book courtesy of the author and @BookTasters The name and the genre it is put under is suggestive of a horror book but it is not so. In fact it is a satirical and some what funny account of today’s church, clergy and shows a glimpse of what it was and what it should have been. Kudos to the author who brings out subtle humour in such a tale that too in a tactful manner
The book doesn’t any way poke fun but brings out the humour through the situations. The Exorcism part is the best in the book and the way it goes horribly wrong is just unexpected. The ending is again a plot twister and leaves room for interpretation and probably and hopefully a sequel. The story also shows any incompetent and not up to date superior in the hierarchy harms the ideology and efficiency of those who are competent and capable to bring change and those are the most sufferers.
The only shortcoming of this book the confluence of too many characters and incidents, backstories which creates a little confusion and also jumps from scene to scene thus losing continuity in some places but still it is a very good read one of the best parodies that I’ve read35433958

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