Listening in & Other Stories – Shauna Kelley (Book Review)

I would recommend this book as a must read for 2 short stories that if not read would be a loss for short story lovers.
I received this copy for an honest review through @BookTasters. Short stories are always my favourite genre, hence I was interested in reading this book.
The stories are all about dark emotions like guilt, love, depression, alcoholism, illness, agoraphobia etc. But I felt some of the stories lacked connect, empathy and were too hazy but the last story is the one for which the book must be read “Angelfish” The best story of the collection with a great end. This story lifts the writing of the author to a very scale and makes he book a very great read. This story deserves the highest rating, The second story worth mention is the title story about a girl for whom leaving her room in itself is a huge task.
Despite the shortcomings, other stories are also good , the characters are human prone to mistakes and illnesses and not superhumans. They go through all the emotions good and bad, like feeling disgusted at a scarred face and then feel guilty about it or have suicidal thoughts but are still just human.

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