Review of Goodbye Rudy Kazoody – A A Freda

I am so confused as to what to give this book ** (2 stars) or ***** (5 stars)
Goodbye, Rudy Kazoody by A A Freda I received this copy from the author through @BookTasters. In terms of narration, character building, not a single boring moment, this book deserves a 5 star rating but piquing our curiosity and leaving us unsatisfied and not fulfilling it by solving the mystery of Rudy Kazoody I am tempted to give 2 stars
The book is a beautiful coming of age story of a typical boy in the in the not so called high neighbourhood of Bronx amidst sexual freedom, drugs , relationships, struggles emotional and financial leading to a tragic end but still holds out hope that something good will still come out of all the chaos of teenage angst
This story deals with almost all facets and choices of teenagers- first crush / love, drugs, sexuality, friendship, loss, small lies and betrayals, good and bad choices, ways to make money, struggle to come out of one’s bindings and so many other things – you have to read to find out

Another high point of this book is that neither rival groups/gangs of teenagers are truly evil or good but just typical teenagers boastful, bashful but helpful when needed like Spike helping the aged or Cooks and the Disciples running over to find out why Betty was upset and if they could help (Her
biggest tormenters coming to her aid) or Spike making the mistakes that lead to tragic results. There are so many such instances in the book. there is no central theme or plot line but still it is a complete story it is a story of stories of every teenager
But I am upset with Mr Freda for not solving the mystery of the central character whose name appears throughout the book at most important events It has set me thinking who it might be. May be thats what Mr Freda Wishes

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