Energy Dependence Day – Christian F Burton (Review)

Energy Dependence Day by Christian F Burton- I received this book through @BookTasters from the author. First the good points
1. fast paced 2 riveting 3 feasible 4 not the always tried tired formula of all terrorists are born evil and America is the only country that can eradicate 5 The characters have depth and reason to do what they do but also are conflicted about their decisions
I really enjoyed this fast paced book . The author neither takes sides nor justifies anybody’s action just presents a picture how terrorists are made, what drives them, their regrets, their sorrows as well as how the law agencies work and that their men are also human and not super heroes prone to making mistakes and how like the terrorists follow their instinct. The author also presents the women liberation movement in the middle east and also corruption and the oppression by those in power in the Middle east as well as the Western powers and capitalists
The only flaw in this book is that it has too many stories and characters merging and mingling but I still give the book 5 star as this flaw also lends credibility to the story


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