Review of Perchance Inn by Kirk McCall

Perchance Inn by Kirk McCall – is a short collection of supernatural or paranormal story about lost dreams and missed chances coming to fulfillment. I read this in one go.
The stories are different from others in this genre in the sense that they are not normal slasher/ghost haunting stories. A couple looking for a venue to get married chance upon an ancient inn and their caretaker couple. The inn has many antiques and each artifact has its own spooky/tragic story. The start of story and development make you curious and compel you to read more to know the history and tale of every relic that is there.
The only thing I found wanting in this book was the feel on the nerves, the scared feel that have when you read these books, the feel that someone is behind you – that feel is missing One more thing I missed is the story of the inn itself and the story of the caretakers. I really would love a sequel on that.
Got this book from the author through @BookTasters
Though the scary feel is missing it still is a hard to put down book in that I would give 5 stars.In the caliber of romantically haunted, it is a very good book

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