Book Review of World’s Fastest Surgeon – Jim Lowe

Received this book through @BookTasters from the author. This is light autobiography of a successful neurosurgeon who is also a accomplished racer.
Through I am not a very big fan of racing, but I love medical books fiction and nonfiction and also shows. That’s what intrigued what’s a surgeon doing on the racing circuit and I was not disappointed. Its a not self boasting book but an simple story of facing struggles, overcoming bullying and coming on top. He shows that with determination, grit and perseverance, all is possible. also a balance can be maintained between hobby, chosen profession and family life, if you want it and have the heart to take necessary risks.
The book is a fun read not a boring preaching account but also motivates. The only flaw I found was some anecdotes and parts were too long and descriptive with unnecessary details otherwise it a very good read

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