Review of Rwanda by Susan Thomson


I read this non fiction book through @BookTasters

“Throughout Rwandan history, winner-take-all politics has been culturally rooted in a system of dominance of the ruling group over the rest of society”

This is a honest from the ground overview of the conflict in Rwanda-a nation ravaged by years of conflict, civil war and genocide and the mirage of peace and development of a modern nation it presents today. The author neither presents the official nor a a one sided story but tries to show both sides of the conflict from the view of the perpetrators and the victims, what circumstances led to such horrific events She not only talks about the past but also holds accountable the present fragile peace it presents today and how everyone the politicians, the international community and the powerful countries failed the common Rwandans

“Then and now, the majority of Rwandans are subject to the self-serving decisions of political elites—whether Tutsi or Hutu”

One of the best non fiction books i’ve read A must read

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