Review of Norman the Button by Michelle Olson

I received this book from the author to Review through @BookTasters. Cute as a Button is the perfect description of this book. This is the story of Norman who is currently feeling useless in his current job and tries changing his job. His selection of jobs and his assessment of his weaknesses and strengths, his realisation of his true worth makes for a wonderful read which both kids and their elders would enjoy. This story is as beautiful to read as to listen. Everyone with laugh, cry and become sad along with Norman’s journey.
I was hooked as soon as I saw the beautiful brightly illustrated cover and wanted to be a kid again. This book has everything that kids want beautiful bright pictures, a brief story, short sentences, and in the end self appreciation. I showed this book to my 6 six year old grandniece and 18 year old daughter and read to my 4 year old grand nephew and they all enjoyed thoroughly.
One of the best kids books I’ve come across. Loved it thoroughly and eager to know more of Norman’s view of things.A must read for kids and adults.


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