Mercury’s Son -Luke Hindmarsh (Review)

Mercury’s Son by Luke E T Hindmarsh is a dystopian/post-apocalyptic novel where sci-fiction meets murder mystery/detective novel. Though science fiction is not my favourite genre but still this book intrigued me.
Its a complex murder story where search for the murder leads to many twists and turns and the moderator (detective cum monitor) solving the murder gets caught in deceit, lies and and betrayal where he questions his whole life and beliefs. Along with him caught in this cycle is his sergeant cum assistant (a kind of robocop) and the readers get caught up as to who are the actual villains who devastated the earth.
Though the first half feels like science fiction mumbo-jumbo and a little convoluted and too long, the story makes sense and picks up speed in the second half.Though some places and some incidents look unnecessary and forced but still the books binds with its central plot and you feel eager to know the end.
The narrative was a bit confusing and I sometimes could not relate to the events and had to read the portion again but I think it’s overall, a very good book. Even I a non science-fiction fan could love it. Its a must read for all Asimov fans

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