Review of Reverend Dumb by Mike Scantlebury

I received this book through @BookTasters from the author for an honest review.
The story deals with a terrorist angle amidst the Brexit vote and European Football. The suspense and mystery angles were nicely developed. The corruption, the political and economic both is dealt with. The strong arm tactics of the one in power in world trade and how it benefits only the one with the power is also dealt with. The story was fast paced and there never was a dull moment in the entire plot.
The only shortcoming for me was that there was too much happening at once and sometimes the mind spun to correlate the incidents.I had to read it twice to understand what was happening. The backstories were also a shortfall. Another thing is to really enjoy this book you had to understand first the political scenario and the BREXIT.
This is a very good read for those who love some a fast paced whodunit and twist at the end.

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