Money Power Love – Joss Sheldon (Review)

Set in 1800’s this book traces the story of three friends born within seconds of each other in neighbouring homes separated by tragedy and reunited again later and how they help each other . The three pursue different goals – money, power and love to be happy and this shapes their character. They are good or evil as their destinies lead them or circumstances force them. It is only when they accept their true self that they become satisfied and happy. This being the central theme, the story is interwoven through real historical events and beautifully blended. The rise of materialism, financial institutions / banking, the manipulations of the simple folk and fall of brotherhood and neighbourly interactions leading to the chaos that the world is in today.
The story also chases the rise of colonialism and destruction of native culture and how to create greed where there is no sign of it. Though there are some stereotypes and clichés which could have been avoided (hence have given 3 stars otherwise this books deserves more) , still it is a great story if read as a satire. Once started reading could not put down and was a good read from the word go. Would recommend it certainly

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