A Police Action – A A Freda (Review)

A Police Action by A A Freda is a love story set admidst the Vietnam War that no one wants to acknowledge A Police Story As the hero James Coppi calls it. But it is not for those who want a typical Mills and Boons romance, it is real down to earth story of two individuals and their growth as their love grows. Neither it is a war story about the horrors of war nor paints a rosy picture of the military life but presents as it is where soldiers have to look out for themselves and bonds they make and pay for the incompetency of some idiotic and delusional in-charges
When I started the book I did not know what it would be about and after a few chapters felt whether I would finish it as the story felt a little slag but the story progressed I had to just finish it and could not put down even when my eyes just couldn’t remain open. I just had to know What happened to Sam and James?
After finishing the book I am still wondering about the other minor characters in the book whether they survived the war, returned to their families even though I know this is fiction. This was how real it was in the second half. A good read indeed .

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