Set Free – Anthony Bidulka (Review)

Thank you @Booktasters and Anthony Bidulka for this book.

An unputdownable book.In the beginning I was ready to abandon the book not even halfway but somehow I couldn’t put it down, and continued; and I am happy that I did (though I’ve never left a book halfread) but here something about the plot compelled me to read. The book starts with a kidnapping and the story of the main character also starts with a kidnapping. Both kidnappings are for a different reason but egg you to find out “What Next” Though the repeated past and present in the first half was a little frustrating but it makes sense in the end. And the the friend/journalist reminds me of the James Bond Villain Carver of “Tomorrow never dies”
I have given this book 5 stars only for the chapters / novel “Truth Be Told” These chapters just turn the whole plot around and have different tone than the rest of the book. Though the ending leaves you to wonder but still a very good read.
I am now starting if ever there is a sequel to this book what would it reveal? Only Jaspar or Anthony Bidulka know

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