Book Review “Of Aakash and Aarti” Dr Govind Sharma

“Of Aakash and Aarti ” by Dr Govind Sharma looks like a simple love story because of its title but it is far beyond that. Though Aakash and Aarti are attracted to each other and in their own ways care for each other their paths quite different.

This book lays bare the horrors of drug addiction without any soft approach and puts the hard facts and how your choices in life are affected due to it are shown without any sympathy. This book doesn’t preach or give moral lessons but lays bare the hard facts. Along with the horrors of drug addiction also are shown the results of immoral and blind ambition which lead to disastrous consequences. This book also sheds light on the life of the rich and famous.

This is a simple story of addiction, immoral choices and greed and the consequences of it. And I would recommend it to every one. The story is simple but hard hitting and makes one who is contemplating trying drugs to think ten times before submitting to the notion “I can quit whenever I want. I am not going to be an addict because its only recreational” and how it becomes addiction before one is aware of it and also to to hell with consequences ambition, how it never leads to the salvation you want but rather drags you to the destruction of your self with it. Also showcases the supposedly happy and heavenly lives of super rich. This book also tells that every action never escapes its result. Just for example the pious and moral Rajeswari devi, how one mistake in her life leads to her death.
Kudos to the author for not softlining. Way to go Dr Govind Sharma.

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