Book Review “The Palace of Illusions”

“Perhaps it (Story) was why, it changed with each telling. Or is that the nature of all stories, the reason for their power?”

This quote from the book is my favourite.

Ive loved this retelling of the much written about story which almost every Indian kid knows. This perspective is a first one and its awesome.

After a long time Ive read such on book which has made me cry at failures of the protagonist, gloat with vain pride, laugh at her triumphs. Here the woman is neither a saint nor a sinner but just a woman, a human with all emotions and feelings and secret desires of a woman’s heart, She chaste shes jealous shes angry shes supportive and vengeful as the situations arises and strong when required.

This is a book that I recommend everyone should read whether you know the story of Mahabharat or not. In fact ive recommended it to both my daughters.

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