Book review “The Jeera Packer”


An intriguing political satire that sinks into you the moment you read the first page. As you progress with story you say to yourself this did happen and no one had the courage to say it aloud. I got this in a goodreads giveaway and it is more worth than every minute spent on it. I consider it a time well spent.

The story involves midlife crisis  of a ex assassin/ sharpshooter of a gang who now lives a normal life with a wife and son, packing jeera and though considers himself lucky to be alive as few assassins have the luxury of getting out live forget about a normal life but is not satisfied with this rather normal but boring life. So he makes a major decision to secretly go back to previous life and anonymously make a major hit and then retire after making a “Taj Mahal of his life” The  story deals how he goes about it and consequences and aftereffects.

Simultaneously is narrated the story of his fellow sharpshooters Abdul the Pathan and Lal Mani the bumbler who has become a Minister in the state cabinet of Dada their ex boss who has become a chief minister. While reading the reader draws parallels to real life incidents in the political world especially UP politics. Then also there is dynasty rule where the leader wants to hand over the reins to his wayward drug addict son overlooking other worthy people and also there is a brother in waiting. sounds familiar?  There are minor characters like the IG and the Nanhe Samrat and also Nawab Saheb that add momentum to the story and gives another perspective.

Of course there are some flaws like the grammar in some placed and hinglish used but may be its deliberate. The ending is also stunning but still unsatisfactory but nit reading the book would be a great loss for those who love reading. Some well placed prose and poetry verses make this book a must read than worth a read.

I wouldn’t call this book a literary masterpiece. But then all great books are not necessarily masterpieces. This book just can’t be ignored. It shines through all its faults and mistakes and ordnariness just like any common man that beats all the odds on the road to glory.

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