Discover Challenge: Radical Authenticity

via Discover Challenge: Radical Authenticity

What is authenticity ? I ask ? In today’s world of fake personas and fake accents and fake rituals..authenticity has gone for a hike

Most persons these days wear a mask  and not one but numerous to suit the gain they want or need or occasion, that sometimes they themselves lose what they actually are.

Just an example Everyone wants their kids to be honest, brave and upright citizen. But what about setting a role model. Have you never asked your children to lie for you or have you been brave enough to stand up against injustice or prejudice towards your your fellowman and lets not talk about citizen, Everyone wants their rights but the duties to be fulfilled. Here what you actually are and what you preach is completely different.

Just be honest to  yourself, to your kids and see how authentic peace happiness follows youauthen

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