Discover Challenge: Animal


The best reference one could ever get..No deceit no bribe Just Plain truth

via Discover Challenge: Animal

Its true Animals are the best character reference a person can get..

They for the love u give them even if a little bit.

I remember on my 8th birthday, My Father had brought a one year old Spitz. My brother named him Don. He was with us for 1 and a half year and then we had to sent it to my grandparents’ bigger house in another city,

But whenever we visited my grandparents, he would know when we were arriving and meet us at the gate welcoming us, and on seeing us going crazy with happiness, even if we visited after a long gap he would never forget us

Thats how dogs are.

I really miss them as my husband and mother in law are not so enthusiasts so I dont have the heart to adopt.

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