Just Some idle musings

Shared Journeys

A Journey is lovely or worse what you make of it, be it holiday leisure journey, work related or the most important journey of life.

Yes there are bad ones and good ones . Make good ones memorable and bad ones adventures and if these are shared journeys with family and/or friends they become just awesome long picnics. Especially the journey of life with its unpredictable twists and turns shared with loved ones becomes pleasurable and beautiful even on bad turns. Alone it becomes a burden.

 In my opinion a shared journey is the best journey of all.

All you need is

someone to share the good and the bad; An ear to listen to our hopes and dreams; A voice of moderation when you go extremes; A shoulder to cry on ; A encouraging word when you feel down;


2 Replies to “Just Some idle musings”

  1. Your image it implores me, on your musing to expand.
    For it depicts the straight and narrow through natures wonderland.
    And with your lateral thinking you have indeed explored.
    The virtue of the grey areas, you’ve certainly not ignored.
    Where err your journey takes you down ether side of life
    Nature it will will help you through a time of stess and strife
    Guide you through its verdant pastures with a pleasre all its own
    It begs you take all your friends, all though you’ll never be alone
    For with your friends around you, and natures helping hand
    You’ll find your life is full of all its joys, just as nature planned.
    But if it could voice its feelings, what do you think it would say?
    I’ll end now with that question, your answer please don’t delay.
    For nature needs our help, I guess you know that, that is true.
    So gather friends and folk around you for an answer to pursue.
    Good luck with that endevour, but to your hearts stay true.

    Adieu until another day



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