Things we leave behind


In midst of daily strife 

we leave behind life

there were times when a paper boat was enough to travel the world

now even the sky is not enough

then we had castles and forts and armies

now we are running to always have a better house

Then mom was an angel and dad was santa

Now I don't even know how they are

cause its some days since I had time for them

I still remember the days

When I  tore pages from by new notebook to raise my fleet

Then getting scolded by Mother when demanding a new notebook

I still remember quarelling with my bro/sis for petty things

then calling for them when I had a new news to share

The brother is still here and even the sister

but the time to tease, sulk and then placate and play

has been left behind

In midst of the strife

thats called life

Everything seems the same 
yet alls changed
and then someone questions
"why every one seems so harried or vexed"



The Things We Leave Behind

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