Confucius had said that “To know what is right  and not do it is the worst cowardice ” and I believe it. Inaction is a kind of cowardice that most of us are guilty of.

That may be due to fear of our safety or our loved ones or the repercussions imagined.

There is another excuse for this type of cowardice these days — Mobile phones.
Previously when ever there was a fight, injustice or harassment happening someone would try to stop it. Now there is a competition as to who would be the bravest of them all to post it first. Please…
These people love to make clips of the suffering even in the face of an accident that could be prevented by their intervention. Instead they are busy recording in case they miss it.
A girl fighting being harassed and eve teased or a kid being bullied would appreciate the help immediately instead of being posted online so the culprits are identified later. Just a shout would help them instead of being filmed ass the ones torturing/harassing them are far worse cowardscowardice-is-the-mother-of-cruelty-quote-1



<a href="">Cowardice</a>

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