Just thinking about Beef Wars

Yes I would like to call it Beef Wars

First of all I do not eat Beef maybe if forced to eat I would puke if I came to know about it because Ive been raised by my parents that way, But I wonder if I had been raised in another country say US Canada or any other country would it be different. I also do not eat pork bacon so does that make me non Hindu

Though I do not recommend beef eating, in my opinion its a matter of choice and not force. Ok do not eat Beef ’cause you consider it a sacred animal but what about other animals like goat, chicken and also seafood. Are they not Gods creations and hence sacred, If a lion becomes a maneater we kill it what about us including me as I eat chicken mutton and seafood

When we buy meat we seek the tenderest meet which is of young lamb or a baby chicken, Isn’t their life sacred. Again Im not preaching vegetarinism but against beef wars. If meat is to be banned it should include all animals and not just animals u like otherwise leave it to choice.

ok cow slaughter is sin but isnt murder cheating and all other crimes bigger sins what about first banning them

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