Idle thoughts about Holy month of Shraadh

This is the holy month or inauspicious month of Sharaadh according to each’s own belief when we pay tributes to our ancestors and seek their blessings. I have two questions in mind

  1. Why is it we remember and seek their blessings only after their death
  2. Why is it that the tributes are given in temples to over fed priests  and not to orphans or the poor starving

Just try it once. Just take leftover food ( not the spoiled rotten food ) to a rickshaw or auto stand in the night and see how they treat you like royalty and eat the food that you were wasting like its a five course meal instead of the priests who treat you with disdain because theres less ghee or the food is not as rich as the other well to dos or the offerings with the food are not satisfactory.

I also wonder with so many people offering food what  do the pandits do with it They cant eat it all Can they?

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